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Title: Dropla
Artist: Youth Lagoon
Played: 139 times


Dropla || Youth Lagoon

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Foxes In Fiction

Ontario Gothic

Orchid Tapes

Street: 09.23

Foxes In Fiction = The Year of Hibernation-era Youth Lagoon / Porcelain Raft

This is bedroom pop at it’s finest. It’s gentle, soothing and seems to be the stuff dreams are made of. On opening track, “March 2011,” a hushed vocal delivery is greeted by a synchronized synth and guitar track that opens up like a dream pop opus. This characteristic is present throughout the album where each song inevitably culminates in an emotional swell of noise that’s reminiscent of M83 productions, but with a lo-fi feel. Despite references to similar artists, Ontario Gothic has its own charm, and with string arrangements from Arcade Fire’s very own Owen Pallet, you can rest assured the sound is nothing short of grand, albeit unobtrusive. It’s just there waiting, not forcing you to listen, but waiting for you take flight along with it. It’s worth experiencing to see what landscapes or memories it conjures up in your mind, and using headphones will definitely aid that process.

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Title: Lost It To Trying
Artist: Son Lux
Played: 1549 times

Lost It To Trying - Son Lux

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Title: Closer
Artist: FKA twigs
Played: 1456 times


FKA twigs - ‘Closer’

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Title: Dive
Artist: Infinite Body
Played: 208 times


infinite body “dive”

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Messes l Photo: Ally Newbold 

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we got donuts and went to a lamp store with ally newbold last weekend!

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Title: Bride & Groom Hot Air Balloon
Artist: Hop Along, Queen Ansleis
Played: 854 times


"Now she’s cryin, ‘Darlin, darlin! Dear, I’m so sorry to approach you here! Your most terrible of fears, we won’t get to see the morning sky…’ and all them wonder why I’m not afraid to die…”

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Title: In The Night
Artist: Tancred
Played: 513 times


In The Night // Tancred

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Title: Mumble
Artist: Whirr
Played: 2896 times


I’m different with you. You’re better than what I’m used to.

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Title: We Are All Beads On the Same String
Artist: Saintseneca
Played: 636 times


don’t you let me down again
don’t you let me down so gently

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Title: wreck
Artist: nouns
Played: 2925 times

I hate everyone I love 
for keeping me anchored to this earth 
it’s in all their god damned support 
that I can’t leave behind 
a happy corpse 

with a smile on my face 
and a hole in my chest 
'cause there was a hole in my heart 
that no one could fix 

father asks ‘why’ but please I don’t know why mother keeps crying she can’t let me go talk going around about being institutionalized cringing in my mind about the thought of being exorcised there’s a demon in my brain and he’s eating all my joy he’s the same spawn of satan that made me the boy I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am 

I am 
such a fucking wreck 
and I’m sort of scared 
I’m 19 years old 
already dead-set on being alone 

so give me my klonopin 
and leave me alone 
or god come about 
and let me leave home 

'cause I hate myself 
for being self-involved 
and I love myself 
for being better than all 
with my nose in the air 
I can truly say 
you would miss me too much 
if I were gone 

" "

took my father’s rifle 
and shot up my school 
he said he never saw it coming 
but everyone knew 

and now all those kids are dead 
and I’m no longer here 
but in the grand scheme of things 
it was just fine 

it was just fine 

— Jackson

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